Full Training

Calendar: 11 Oct. 2020 – 22 Aug. 2021

Price: 3,800* € – more details

Let’s start with the end in mind: You are young and/ or you’ve just become a Christian and you want to learn about how to work for the LORD, and how to serve sin-sick or physically sick people. You would like to dedicate one year of your life to learning about medical missionary work. Perhaps you’ve been inspired by statements such as:

  • Jesus spent more time healing than preaching
  • I am deeply interested in the subject of medical missionary work, and the education of men and women for that work. I could wish that there were one hundred nurses in training where there is one. It ought to be thus. Both men and women can be so much more useful as medical missionaries than as missionaries without the medical education.
  • Medical missionaries must be sent into all parts of the world to carry relief to suffering humanity

If this is the call you hear from our Savior, consider coming to Herghelia. Together with students who are only coming for training in one of the 4 specific domains (Therapy Training, Plant-Based Cooking, Spring Gardening and Health Coaching) you will get a taste of all of them. You will have an entire year to consider whether any of those areas is so appealing to you, that you would either join a ministry or pursue further studies in that domain.

Beside those four areas which are, essentially, various different forms of medical missionary work, you will have a few “extra bonuses”.

  • We plan a mission trip. See below for more details.
  • Unlike short-term students you will have the advantage of covering most of our character-building seminar, which lays the foundation for the right motivation for our Christian life and our medical missionary ministry.
  • We will study with you one of the world’s most translated books – Steps to Christ

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[accordion title=”Student-Led Book Devotional“]

Coordinator: Eduard

Our school is not only about health, but also about God. Jesus said, ‘Without Me you can do nothing.’ Nothing with lasting impression is possible without Jesus, but He also inspired Paul to write, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ God’s love is so different than our human love. During our morning devotion class we want to give the opportunity to our students to lead the lesson by preparing a chapter and highlighting the main ideas, opening a discussion group and asking and answering questions. For this course we selected the book STEPS TO CHRIST.[/accordion]


[accordion title=”Lifestyle Center Administration“]

Teacher: Dr. Nick Dan

How to run the lifestyle center? This might sound overwhelming, but there are potential leaders and organizers who would like to look “under the hood” of this enterprise. How to deal with finances, how to organize the treatments, who makes sure the kitchen serves the healthiest food, who is in charge of supplies, how to make sure your team is mission-minded and functioning in accordance with your initial design? These are but a few of the many questions an administrator has to face when he is either considering starting or already running such a ministry.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How to Be Self-Supported“]

Teachers: Arpad and Tihamer

It’s good to be a medical missionary, but how to make your passion for sharing Christ’s love a full time self supporting employment? This is not a small task. For those interested in become an entrepreneur, we are offering you the classes in the basic principles of running your business conducted by people who can talk from their real life experience and expertise in this area. How did they start their business? What does it take and what are the prerequisites for such an endeavor? These are just a few of the many questions you might want to ask them, yourself.[/accordion]


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[accordion title=”Winter Mission Trip“]

Refreshed from the winter break, our missionaries are called into action to use their talents and the skills they have been learning, in the service of the King. What better way to see more of the country and get to know the culture than by traveling to mission fields right here in Romania ? Put the gospel in the hands of the man on the street, conduct church revivals, and bring joy to children as you teach them about health in fun ways. Every trip holds its own surprises and rewards.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Spring Mission Trip“]

The Spring Mission Trip. Yes! That’s the cream of every missionary school. After months of training, our special forces – “green berets” – that is you – are ready to go out in another land and seek how to reach people of a different culture, in a different setting. Usually it is in May. We have been to Israel, to Portugal, and we would like to go to Germany next. If you are accepted, make sure your visa is valid for the EU and when you come we will start praying, planning the event, using your talents and your full engagement.[/accordion]



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The main purpose of the work program is:

  • to cover the real needs of the local Herghelia Lifestyle Center, and, in turn
  • to generate income towards your tuition

The management of the institution where you are assigned to work reserves the right to change your duties according to their needs. They also reserve the right to send you back to the mission school, if warnings concerning tardiness or an unproductive attitude are not heeded. The student will be required to reimburse the wasted hours. If tardiness or poor attitudes persist, the student’s parents, pastor or sponsor will be contacted. Eventually, if no change is forthcoming, the student will be asked to leave the school. We feel that the opportunity to work is a gesture from the institution where you are assigned, to offer you a chance to lower your tuition and to develop strong, positive work ethics.

[accordion title=”Therapy/Cleaning“]

Available work positions: 6

Those assigned to the therapy department will be able to gradually assume responsibilities, from the simpler to the more complex, depending on how interested they are in learning, their attitude and efficiency. Since this department is a major focus of interest and not all students can be accommodated there, the selection will be based on the ease with which they fit in and are able to interact with our lifestyle guests. We will focus on those who are coming especially with the objective to work afterwards as a therapist in our lifestyle center or in another. Cleaning the center is also a part of the responsibilities to be carried out.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Kitchen“]

Available work positions: 4

We are what we eat, and we try to grow what we cook. At least some of the vegetables. In our school each year, we can the famous Romanian “zakuska” and other vegetables or fruits. Work in the kitchen is not easy, since everything needs to be done on time. Students need to be at the work place at 6 am. Those who love to cook and show their aptitude might get the chance to do more than ‘peeling potatoes’ and ‘washing the dishes’ but may also be involved in preparing entire meals. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Gardening“]

Available work positions: 2-4 (depending on the season)

Agriculture is said to be the ABC’s of Education. You might sweat a lot in the green houses in the hot months, but if you are interested in learning how to grow your own food, you will be able to get involved and observe the results of an entire season’s effort. In this department, the students will help in the following areas:

  • Preparing the soil for sowing
  • Planting and caring for seedlings
  • Building and maintaining a greenhouse

Crop maintenance and harvesting of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, pepper, strawberry, yellow melon, spinach and more.


[accordion title=”Country Life“]

Available work positions: 1-3 (depending on the needs)

Every medical missionary needs to learn how to be self-supporting. Ideally, instead of working for someone else, why don’t we learn how to set up a small business and become an entrepreneur? We are gradually developing different activities where we can generate more income to contribute to the coverage of school expenses and make the tuition more affordable. If you have any money-making skills, please let us know. You might learn some recipes, some of you might learn small business bookkeeping. It is hard work, but rewarding, since we all participate in the fruit of our labor, and usually, our students are also our own clients. They enjoy their own peanut butter!





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