Full Training

Calendar: 11 Oct. 2020 – 22 Aug. 2021

Price: 3,800* € – more details

Let’s start with the end in mind: You are young and/ or you’ve just become a Christian and you want to learn about how to work for the LORD, and how to serve sin-sick or physically sick people. You would like to dedicate one year of your life to learning about medical missionary work. Perhaps you’ve been inspired by statements such as:

  • Jesus spent more time healing than preaching
  • I am deeply interested in the subject of medical missionary work, and the education of men and women for that work. I could wish that there were one hundred nurses in training where there is one. It ought to be thus. Both men and women can be so much more useful as medical missionaries than as missionaries without the medical education.
  • Medical missionaries must be sent into all parts of the world to carry relief to suffering humanity

If this is the call you hear from our Savior, consider coming to Herghelia. Together with students who are only coming for training in one of the 4 specific domains (Therapy Training, Plant-Based Cooking, Spring Gardening and Health Coaching) you will get a taste of all of them. You will have an entire year to consider whether any of those areas is so appealing to you, that you would either join a ministry or pursue further studies in that domain.

Beside those four areas which are, essentially, various different forms of medical missionary work, you will have a few “extra bonuses”.

  • We plan a mission trip. See below for more details.
  • Unlike short-term students you will have the advantage of covering most of our character-building seminar, which lays the foundation for the right motivation for our Christian life and our medical missionary ministry.
  • We will study with you one of the world’s most translated books – Steps to Christ

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