Plant Based Cooking

Plant Based Cooking

Calendar: 10 Jan. – 07 Mar. 2021 (8 weeks)

Price: 1,150 € – more details

Let’s start with the end in mind: There is a need for well-trained plant-based cooks in many Adventist institutions. If this is where you would like to improve your skills or just to be introduced to culinary arts, please join us. As the Spirit of Prophecy says: “It takes thought and care to make good bread; but there is more religion in a loaf of good bread than many think.” We are not promising a certified vegan chef course, but rather a solid basic knowledge of the theory behind healthy cooking, with plenty of practice. During the eight weeks, you will practice in the school kitchen each morning, and in the afternoon, you will about nutrition, vegan cooking, how to do cooking demonstrations for the public. There is even a chance to lead out in a “Little Chef’s Academy” for elementary school level children. More details about the available classes, practical activities and projects are available below:

Internship: We network with similar lifestyle centers and vegetarian restaurants and those who excel in the training can be recommended for a follow-up internship. This depends on available places. Traveling expenses are at your charge.

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