• Education, 271

    “With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Savior might be carried to the whole world!”

  • Matthew 24:14

    “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

  • Treatments and natural remedies

    Specialization in lifestyle center and center of influence therapy, using massage, hydrotherapy and other natural remedies

  • Vegetarian culinary arts and nutrition counseling

    Specialization in vegetarian cuisine and healthy cooking, nutrition and healthy lifestyle counseling

  • Public health educator and entrepreneurship

    Specialization in healthy food production, health expos and health clubs organization, vegetarian restaurant, treatment room, healthy products shop management.

  • Medical and educational software

    The participants in this module will develop software projects used in different mission projects: the online school, mobile lifestyle apps, webdesign

  • Gardening and farming

    Specialization in farming, crop field and green-house.


We are glad that you have come to the Herghelia Mission School website, the place that can be a new experience for you in walking with God. As followers of Christ we believe that His example should guide our lives. And what is the example that He gave us? The answer lies in the assertion made by David Livingstone: "God had only one Son, and He was a missionary.” Therefore, we are all called to be missionaries, walking in His footsteps to become like Him. By all the activities from our school, we want to help our students to have a physical, intellectual and spiritual development, making them effective in the work of saving people for the kingdom of God. We invite you to set aside one special year with God, and we assure you that, by God’s grace, the years which follow will no longer be the same!

Maranatha! Our Lord is coming soon :)

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