Our Plans For This Year

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[accordion title=”Application Deadlines”]

  • Full Training: 31 July 2021
  • Therapy Training: 31 July 2021
  • Plant Based Cooking: 15 November 2021
  • Spring Gardening: 31 January 2022
  • Health Coaching: 31 March 2022


[accordion title=”10 Oct. – 16 Dec. Therapy Training”]

Do you want to be a paid missionary; but are not the type who likes to preach? Perhaps you prefer to work with people one on one? If your answer is yes, read more and apply for the next Therapy Training course.

winter-icon[accordion title=”17 Dec. – 16 Jan. Winter Vacation”]

Enjoy the winter vacation… but remember! You are still a missionary: in your family, in your neighborhood or among your friends.

[accordion title=”04 Jan. – 10 Jan. Winter Mission Trip”]

Refreshed from the winter break, our missionaries are called into action to use their talents and the skills they have been learning, in the service of the King. What better way to see more of the country and get to know the culture than by traveling to mission fields right here in Romania ? Put the gospel in the hands of the man on the street, conduct church revivals, and bring joy to children as you teach them about health in fun ways. Every trip holds its own surprises and rewards.

[accordion title=”10 Jan. – 07 Mar. Plant Based Cooking”]

Exchange monotony in the kitchen for enthusiasm and satisfaction as you learn to prepare healthy and amazingly appetizing dishes, debunking the theory that the plant-based diet only consists of raw carrots and spinach. If you’re interested, read more and apply for the next Plant Based Cooking course.

[accordion title=”07 Mar. – 29 Apr. Spring Gardening”]

Always wished you had a green thumb? Come learn the secrets of farming and gardening, and start your own project. If this is what you want, read more and apply for the next Spring Gardening course.

spring-icon[accordion title=” 30 Apr. – 09 May Spring Vacation”]

During this vacation you will have time to rest and prepare for the next part of our training. To have a real impact in the life of the people who you will meet, take time to rest, pray and study. Only he who receives from God can give further.


[accordion title=”10 May – 06 Jun. Spring Mission Trip”]

Mission Trip. Yes! That’s the cream of every missionary school. After months of training, our special forces – “green berets” – that is you – are ready to go out in another land and seek the ways how to reach people in different culture, different setting. Usually it is in May. We were in Israel, in Portugal, we would like to go to Germany next time. If you are accepted, make sure your visa is valid for EU and when you come we will start to pray and plan the event and seek your talents to be fully engaged. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”07 Jun. – 13 Jun. Full Training Extra Classes”]

You love to learn more? If yes, this week you will be blessed with some extra classes available only for the full training students.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”13 Jun. – 22 Aug. Health Coaching”]

Are you interested in caring for the sick, being able to give valuable health-related information, through coaching ? If your answer is yes, read more and apply for the next Health Coaching course.[/accordion]



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