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Therapy Training

Calendar: 10 Oct. – 16 Dec. 2021 (10 weeks)

Price: 1,350 € – more details

Let’s start with the end in mind: Do you want to be a paid missionary and are you not the type who likes to preach? Perhaps you love people and prefer to work with them one on one? There are a growing number of lifestyle centers who look for well-trained therapists who are spiritually minded. Our massage teacher used to tell us, “Whenever you touch the skin of your client you are touching his soul as well, remember that!”

If you are gifted to care for people in a tangible way, this is a good place to start. Working in partnership with the Lifestyle Centre here at Herghelia, you will learn about the human body, Swedish massage techniques, hydrotherapy, how to administer simple natural remedies and participate in numerous lifestyle sessions in order to see what the simple principles of a New Start Program™ can do within a of couple weeks. Our training starts on October 10th, 2021 and last through Dec 16th, 2021. More details about the available classes, practical activities and projects are available below:

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[accordion title=”A Beautiful Way“]

Narrow is the Way that leads to Heaven, but how beautiful it is for those who love Abba Father and His Beloved Son, our Saviour. Actually, this beautiful way is as narrow as the feet of Jesus and not many find delight in the blood-stained path of continual self-denial. However, the source of joy is for those who being saved from a sinful life now seek to save the other sinners. This class contrasts the narrow and broad way, between the people following the Lamb whithersoever He goes in the area of diet, recreation, dress, competition, speech and two opposite motives prompting us in actions.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Student-Led Book Devotional“]

Coordinator: Eduard

Our school is not only about health, but also about God. Jesus said, ‘Without Me you can do nothing.’ Nothing with lasting impression is possible without Jesus, but He also inspired Paul to write, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ God’s love is so different than our human love. During our morning devotion class we want to give the opportunity to our students to lead the lesson by preparing a chapter and highlighting the main ideas, opening a discussion group and asking and answering questions. For this course we selected the book MINISTRY OF HEALING.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Student-Led Devotional“]

Coordinator: Eduard

This is another class where the students take active role. Just like in Sabbath school class, you will learn how to prepare and deliver a presentation, engage others and even create a though-provoking quiz. The Student-Led Devotional lesson further develops public speaking skills and give us a morning thought for the day that can inspire and elevate us in awareness of a great controversy we all are part of.[/accordion]


physiology[accordion title=”Anatomy & Physiology“]

This course is an introduction to the human body, in which we will put more emphasis on understanding physiology with a view to restoring the image of God in man, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We will see how each system of the body contributes to brain health, and how we can prevent the most aggressive diseases. The healthier the brain is, the more capable of understanding the love of Christ which surpasses every knowledge. Thus, a mind will be better able to choose to remain in Christ as a branch in the Vine, bringing fruits confirming the renewal of spirit and mind, that is better able to share Christ’s love to those around.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Massage“]

With the focus on developing practical massage skills, this course will help you learn how to use massage as a method of healing in treatment centers, nursing homes, at health expos and in your own community. The techniques can also be used as a means for self-supporting evangelism. In this course you will learn the basic concepts of anatomy and how to give theoretical and practical training in massage.[/accordion]

[accordion title=” Hydrotherapy “]

Teacher: Sorin

During this course you will learn:

  • Fomentation applications,
  • General revulsive (a treatment for respiratory problems, diabetes, urinary infections
    and colds)
  • Contrast bath for legs and hands (this has extraordinary benefits for circulation)
  • Fever and drug dependency treatments (wrapping the patients in wet sheets, facilitating perspiration)
  • Artificial raising of the temperature (for serious infections)
  • Cataplasm (a poultice made with clay and pepper used for arthritis, etc.)
  • Treatments for headache, nail fungus, abdominal and pelvic issues



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[accordion title=”Massage“]

After memorizing all the muscles and bones in the body, now is the time to put your hands on your colleagues and learn how to give a good, soothing massage. Repetition is the mother of wisdom and in this case, it is very true. This is a practical class in which you will have lots of opportunities to practice and perfect the techniques of effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration until you feel comfortable and confident enough to minister through massage to your family, friends or professionally.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Hydrotherapy“]

Teacher: Sorin

Water is a powerful means of healing internally and externally. This practical class teaches you how to use the gift of water as a natural remedy and carrier of healing substances, in the form of herbs and essential oils. Between the classroom and Hydrotherapy Lab, you will not only be able to put theory into practise, but also experience the healing properties of water on you own skin.[/accordion]


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[accordion title=”Massage Outreach“]

Mission is at the heart of our school and since you came to learn massage and hydrotherapy treatments it would be great to get out of school to work with real people. In the nearby village there are two care homes for retired people, who appreciate a caring touch more than anyone else. We would like to encourage all students to minister to these residents and give a simple in chair massage, allowing you to practice your first routines, while brightening up these people’s lives.[/accordion]




“Cherry on the cake”: Those of you who would like to experience how it feels to be a lifestyle guest with all it might include, can pay an extra fee (approx. €510) and as a climax to the Therapy Training enjoy the lifestyle session as a patient. You would have a consultation with a physician, blood tests, as well as breakfast and lunch and all the morning treatments at Herghelia Lifestyle Centre. Therapy classes would continue in the afternoon at the school. This is an exclusive offer for our students. The typical cost is €950 at our centre or €3000 or more, for similar programs in Western countries.

Full Training students: can also join this lifestyle session for the same price.

Internship: We have established relationships with a number of lifestyle centers across Europe, including Romania, Modova, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Portugal. Those students who excel in the training program can be recommended for a follow up internship either at Herghelia or with one of our partners. This would be an amazing opportunity for you to put into practice what has been learned on the course ‘in a real world’ setting, gain valuable experience and develop your professional network. Internships are limited by availability and can range from short-term to long term placements, depending on the institution and personal preference. If an internship is offered, room and board would be provided. It would be an unpaid arrangement and travel costs would be borne by the intern.

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