Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Calendar: 13 Jun. – 22 Aug. 2021 (10 weeks)

Price: 1,350 € – more details

Let’s start with the end in mind: We are told, Let there be less preaching and rather more personal care. So many people are sick, and the situation is just getting worst. Diabetes, obesity, depression, heart failure, you name it. Many people are willing to change, if only there were someone who could show them how and what and why. If you do it right, you might even be paid for it and become a truly self-supporting medical missionary. Why not? As the Bible says, ‘Those, who work, deserve their pay’. Working with people is not easy, but very rewarding. If you have people skills and working one-on-one is what you like, if you are able to organize an event such as a Health Camp for more than 100 people (or at least you would like to learn) this is for you.

Summer is here, so we will organize such events and we want to you to take the lead. Copy and paste – and ad your own personalized twist to it, to increase the value of your service. We schedule Health Expos, Weekend of Health, New Start Week for the entire family, and we invite speakers to share how they succeeded in making a living from a health ministry. More details about the available classes, practical activities and projects are available below:

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