Thus you can apply

  • Download the application package which is suitable for you.
  • Send your completed application form, CV and recommendations.
  • After this you are invited to visit our school and have an interview on a date agreed before.
  • The interview takes place at the end of a 3-7 day-long visit in our school. All other necessary documents can be handed in this time.
  • The final decision about your application will be sent to you at the end of the application period or told right after your interview.

How much costs?

  • Courses + Internship ( 1th October 2018 - 31th August 2019 ) : 2000 €

Special offer for Eastern Europe students

  • Courses + Internship ( 1th October 2018 - 31th August 2019 ) : 1000 €

*the fees cover accommodation, meals, courses and internship
*each student needs to cover the traveling cost for the mission trip. This cost is not covered by the school tax

English application package

Download (EN)

Romanian application package

Download (RO)

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