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Herghelia Lifestyle Center is a Christian institution that follows the pattern of Christ’s sacrificial ministry to the suffering. Herghelia Lifestyle Center mission is to restore God’s image in man (physical, spiritual, mental and social) through healing and education following Christ’s example. This includes promoting a healthy lifestyle and education to prevent or facilitate the reversion of  the civilization diseases based on current medical knowledge and remedies.

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Country Life Herghelia is a healthy products business, which aims to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle and also to support Herghelia Mission School’s educational projects. Being a self-supporting business for our school, Country Life Herghelia gives to the students the opportunity to get involved in the production and marketing of various types of foods in the following categories: grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, dehydrated fruits, peanut butter, fruit juice.

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New Life Bistro was born from the desire to meet people interested about a healthy lifestyle. We are facing a worrying increase of the so-called civilization diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cancers, obesity, diabetes, depression, etc.). In the medical world today watchword in addressing this pathology is a lifestyle change. As one of the factors that impact health status is the diet, New Life Bistro offers a varied healthy menus of fast food and a daily menu focusing on the nutritional quality of products and taste’s quality.

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New Life Market is a healthy products store opened in order to meet the everyday needs of people. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, New Life Market aims to provide the following products and services: healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, organic products, household appliances for healthy kitchens, natural remedies and tips for a healthy lifestyle. As a partner of Herghelia Mission School, New Life Market is the way in which students can learn many useful things about managing a shop with healthy products.

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The Adventist high school, Integritas, is a self supporting institution and is functioning in harmony with Bible principles which the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is promoting. It’s location is in Transilvania de Sud Conference and our high school is involved in fulfilling the mission which Jesus Christ give to the Church: to reveal GOD through words and acts. Our main priority is to help students to develop a close relationship with Jesus Christ  and to form a pure character and live a quality life for God’s glory and the good of others.

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