Coaching în sănătate

Health Coaching

Calendar: 13 Jun. – 22 Aug. 2021 (10 weeks)

Price: 1,350 € – more details

Let’s start with the end in mind: We are told, Let there be less preaching and rather more personal care. So many people are sick, and the situation is just getting worst. Diabetes, obesity, depression, heart failure, you name it. Many people are willing to change, if only there were someone who could show them how and what and why. If you do it right, you might even be paid for it and become a truly self-supporting medical missionary. Why not? As the Bible says, ‘Those, who work, deserve their pay’. Working with people is not easy, but very rewarding. If you have people skills and working one-on-one is what you like, if you are able to organize an event such as a Health Camp for more than 100 people (or at least you would like to learn) this is for you.

Summer is here, so we will organize such events and we want to you to take the lead. Copy and paste – and ad your own personalized twist to it, to increase the value of your service. We schedule Health Expos, Weekend of Health, New Start Week for the entire family, and we invite speakers to share how they succeeded in making a living from a health ministry. More details about the available classes, practical activities and projects are available below:

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[accordion title=”A Prophet For This Generation“]

Teacher: Joakim

Join us in taking a fresh look at a beautiful and important gift: the biblical gift of prophecy and Ellen G. White. By attending this class you will study more about the following topics:

  • The Most Essential Gift
  • The Last Deception in God’s Church
  • The Joyful Ellen White

“As the end draws near and the work of giving the last warning to the world extends, it becomes more important for those who accept present truth to have a clear understanding of the nature and influence of the testimonies, which God in His providence has linked with the work of the third angel’s message from its very rise.” – Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 5, 654.


[accordion title=”How to Give Bible Studies“]

Teacher: Iasmin

The course on giving Bible studies is meant to train the student on how to create a Bible study with the different tools he has at hand, and then more practically, how to deliver it to those interested. We are also focusing on finding new interests, through a special survey created just for finding those ripe for Bible studies. Students learn hands-on how to do it in class and then go out to find people with whom to put it in practice.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Student-Led Book Devotional“]

Coordinator: Eduard

Our school is not only about health, but also about God. Jesus said, ‘Without Me you can do nothing.’ Nothing with lasting impression is possible without Jesus, but He also inspired Paul to write, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ God’s love is so different than our human love. During our morning devotion class we want to give the opportunity to our students to lead the lesson by preparing a chapter and highlighting the main ideas, opening a discussion group and asking and answering questions. For this course we selected the book MIND, CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Student-Led Devotional“]

Coordinator: Eduard

This is another class where the students take active role. Just like in Sabbath school class, you will learn how to prepare and deliver a presentation, engage others and even create a though-provoking quiz. The Student-Led Devotional lesson further develops public speaking skills and give us a morning thought for the day that can inspire and elevate us in awareness of a great controversy we all are part of.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”iGod Music 101“]

Teacher: Gabriel

Part of a larger study about the relationship between man and God as far as music is concerned (iGod Music 101), this course purports to explore the connection between music & wellness from a diet and foods perspective. Since Seventh-day Adventists are quite familiar with the principles guiding a healthy lifestyle, particularly pertaining to nutrition, this course will show the amazing similarity between physical food and the “food for the soul” – music. It is a simple, no-nonsense guide to understanding what a healthy music lifestyle and diet should consist of, in light of Biblical and Spirit of Prophecy teachings.Humans were created as complex beings, reflecting the image and character of their Creator.

In spite of all its complexity, all three dimensions of the human being were designed to function according to the same set of principles. Thus body, soul, and spirit thrive while guided by the Law of God – His Love – or are damaged by espousing anything contrary to that Law. The various stimuli entering our sensory world, whether through our mouth, ears, eyes, etc., need to be met with the same set of filters for optimal functioning. If we judge what we eat differently from what we listen to or read and watch, we are creating internal conflicts leading, sooner or later, to illness affecting any and all human dimensions.



addictions[accordion title=”Lifestyle and Chronic Diseases“]

Teacher: Dr. Jochen

The purpose of this course is not to teach how to diagnose and to treat specific diseases but to understand the great underlying principles that govern the processes of health and disease in the frame of science and revelation. God created us wonderfully and we join the psalmist in his words: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14 The present course in “chronic diseases” has three main objectives:

  • To show that health reform is an integral part of God’s plan of redemption.
  • To show that the health principles mentioned by Ellen G. White in the book Ministry of Healing, p. 127 and represented by the NEW START program, are biblical and scientifically sound.
  • To show that body, mind and soul function as a unity and affect each other.

[accordion title=”Stop the Addictions!“]

Teacher: Carmen

Both incidence (new cases) and prevalence (total cases) of depression are increasing worldwide. Not only in the adult population but the young population are afflicted. From a medical missionary perspective, it is very important to understand the condition, know how to prevent it and also learn the simple, natural approach that is a powerful pillar in the treatment of mild depression. In every community program in which I have ever been involved, people have always expressed the need to either be helped or to be able to help others struggling with depression and addictions.The objective of the course is to help students recognize the different types of depression, symptoms, contributing factors and get acquainted with the most efficient way of treating each type. This is done from the perspective of a healthy, christian lifestyle. As far as addiction is concerned, the course will help students get familiar with the different faces of addiction, the types, the specifics and solutions for each type. Based on my experience with the hundreds of patients I’ve had over the years, I will share the most efficient strategies for overcoming addictions. The emphasis will be on how to lean on Jesus, the Great Physician – The Outside Power that delivers them. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”How to Run Health Expo/Caravan“]

Teacher: Daniel

Introduction to health expo and health camp organization.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How to Run New Start Camps“]

Teacher: Daniel

Introduction to health camps organization.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Public Speaking“]

Teacher: Daniel

Nine out of ten people are afraid to speak in public. It could be a scary experience. Learn how to overcome stage fright and become a powerful public speaker. Public speaking is the process or act of performing a speech to a live audience. It is single person speaking face-to-face to a group of listeners. We will give you the theory and ample opportunities to speak in public, during our classes in front of other students. These skills learnt in our classes will also be practiced in your public demonstrations for Cooking Classes and during our Sabbath worship in churches.[/accordion]



[tab id=2]


[accordion title=”Health Coaching“]

Teacher: Daniel

For you to gain enough experience in coaching, we are arranging for you to participate in lecturing our lifestyle guests. During the morning hours You will be scheduled to observe lifestyle guest health lectures and presentations, and eventually you will be preparing and delivering your own lectures and presentation. Besides that, we collaborate with ‘Coaching for Health’ church ministry where there are clients grappling with health and lifestyle issues, willing to pay for such services. Before having paid clients, you will need to enlist your friends, relatives or church members as “clients free of charge”. Thus you will gain sufficient knowledge, confidence and experience in helping others to achieve goals such as overcoming obesity, diabetes or developing good healthy habits. Begin now to look for potential “clients” in your circle.[/accordion]



[tab id=3]


[accordion title=”Health Expo/Caravan“]

Coordinator: Daniel

The Health Expo and Health Caravan are one of the most successful ways to open an outreach in any community. People are interested in their health, an are so when they can do vital signs screening (blood pressure, body mass index, glucose, lung capacity, health age). Yet, for such an event, behind the scenes there is a lot of preparation taking into consideration the bigger picture. Daniel Seniuc has years of experience in organizing such public events, and has been successful in drawing thousands of attendees. His events have been broadcasted on national television. Be ready to listen attentively because we would like you to learn how to organize such events with your own church at home.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”New Start Camp“]

Coordinator: Daniel

If you plan cooking classes in your community with your church in spring time, and another series in the autumn, there is a great opportunity to organize a New Start family event for your guests. This is usually scheduled for more than 100 people, including all family member from grandma and grandpa to their grandchildren. They want to be together, eat healthy, receive a massage, hike, have some meaningful activities for their children. They want to learn something new about family relations, their health or maybe just some new recipes. We will learn more details with Daniel and also have the privilege of working with attendees in a New Start camp. There is no better way than working day by day in personal contact with them. It’s a lot of hard work, but many people have come to know Christ through our practical ministry. Besides, this is a “paying” mission since the program has to cover expenses. If it is organized properly, it can even generate some income towards future projects.[/accordion]




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